I'm Daniel Rothenberg, an atmospheric scientist working at the intersection of weather, climate, and technology. In my professional life, I wear a lot of different hats:

  • 🌍 I'm an atmospheric/climate scientist with specialization in aerosol-cloud-climate processes and machine learning / AI applied to a variety weather/climate problems
  • ⛈ I'm a meteorologist who works on building AI weather forecasting systems.
  • 🏛 I work adjacent to science-for-policy and policy-for-science applications and am interested in building a robust weather research enterprise in the United States.
  • 👨🏻‍💻 I write a lot of code and develop software for many different problem domains.
  • 🚗 I help(ed) develop the capability for autonomous vehicles to handle nearly all non-winter weather conditions.

My career has taken me across diverse institutions and companies ranging from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Waymo, and I've worked in a variety positions including as the Chief Scientist at a growth-stage start-up managing its applied R&D; portfolio and a cross-functional Technical Lead and Staff Software Engineer in a FAANG. I also try to dabble in open source software, and have worked to support open science / data initiatives such as Pangeo.

Feel free to check out more about me using the social media links below, or by browsing this site!